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Like people from many locations around the globe, Norwegian players enjoy all forms of gambling. However, these punters and players face some challenges when accessing online sites. Online gambling is considered an illegal activity in Norway and some players will find that they cannot access sites due to their IP addresses and physical locations. The country has laws in place that prohibit any online gambling, however, some off shore sites can still be accessed by these residents. This allows some types of online gambling to occur, even though it is not condoned by the Norwegian government.

The reason for the strict laws is due to the fact that Norway fears that too many residents will get caught up in online gambling. Many argue this though process and have tried to overturn the laws, but that has not happened yet. Even though actions are being taken to block IP addresses, preventing most online gambling from occurring, a number of residents are finding online sites that operate off shore. Here, they can create an account and fund a real money account to play the games that are offered or place wagers on sports. With these sites, Norwegian players can conduct transactions in their local currencies using a number of banking options.

Even though it is known amongst Norwegian residents that all forms of online gambling are illegal, this has not stopped players from finding sites that will accept them. This is one reason that Norway plans to become even stricter by controlling what sites residents can access by controlling the IP addresses. At this time, there are still sites that are available for online gambling, but that is believed to be an issue that will soon be addressed by the government.

To alleviate the concerns of many, there are sites right in Norway that do offer online gambling, such as Norsk Tipping, which is a state run company that offers sports betting in Norway. In fact, this is the only online site where Norse players are legally allowed to bet. The goal of the government is to keep all forms of gambling in the country. However, this has been difficult to control as many players will continue to find off shore sites for their gambling needs.

Norwegian players certainly face challenges when gamble online and the banks and credit card companies have been legally ordered not to process any transactions to an off shore gambling site. This reduces the number of methods that can be used by players when they do find an accepting online casino off shore. It is not clear as to how the government plans to take action, but for those that reside in Norway, online gambling is a challenge. These residents do not have the freedom to play anywhere like other people around the world and they are very limited as to what is offered in terms of gambling as a while in the country.

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