Types of Horse Race Betting

When betting on horse races, there are many different bets that can be placed. This is what makes this type of betting interesting. Placing bets may seem rather simple, but there is a lot that should be put into making the right selections for different bets. Bettors will often examine the odds closely and will also track the records of the horse being considered. With knowledge and patience, anyone can learn how to bet on the horses, but it is not something that will be perfected overnight. Seeing as there are many types of bets, one will have to become familiar with what they all mean before they even consider choosing a horse from any race.

The most popular types of bets placed on horse races are the Straight bets. These include Win, Place and Show bets. With the win bet, one will bet on the horse that will win the entire race. These bets often offer large returns, especially when betting on a horse that has high odds for payouts. The show bet is when the horse finishes in the top three positions of the race. Show bets will place when the horse selected comes in first, second or third. This is the safest bet, but it does not offer much in return. The Place bet is when one expects the horse to finish in the top two positions. It will not matter whether the horse comes in first or second, just that they place in either of these positions.

There are also Combination Straight Bets. The popular here is the Across the Board Bet. This is a combination of win, show and place wagers and if this bet is made, one will be choosing a horse to Win, Place and Show. If this is a wining bet, one will collect on all three bets placed. If the horse comes in second, one will collect the Place and Show bets and if it comes in third, one will just collect the Show bet. There are also combination bets of Win/Place or Place/Show. These are 2 bet combinations for the position of the horse.

Exotic bets make the horse race betting exciting. Here, one will be betting on a single race and will choose Exacta, Perfecta or Trifecta. Exacta is the prediction of the winning and second place horse in exact order. There is also a Quinella bet, which is very similar to the Exacta bet. Here, the bettor will not have to predict the top two horses, but will only have to choose which two horses will come in first and second. There is no exact order needed here. This is easier to predict than the Exacta, but will pay less.

To expand on the Exotic Bets, there is also the Trifecta, where the bettor will predict the top three horses in exact position. The Superfecta is the most difficult bet to win and will require the proper prediction of the top four finishers in order.