Australia Online Casino & Gambling

Online gambling of all types is popular among those that reside in Australia and there are many sites operating that support these players and offer access to great casino games, racebooks and sportsbooks. Before playing in any online gambling site, Aussie players should be completely aware of gambling laws and should also ensure that a selected site will cater to their needs as a bettor. When playing online, sites selected should always support Australian Dollars. This is the local currency in the country and by using this online, one will easily be able to manage accounts, collect bonuses and place bets with simplicity.

It is a fact that more than 80% of Australian adults will engage in some sort of gambling, which makes this one of the highest gambling rates in the world. Many of these gamblers have turned to online sites to meet their needs and these sites surely offer amazing options. However, online gambling is not actually supported by the Australian government. In 2001, The Interactive Gambling Act was passed. This Act targeted online gambling operators, which made it an offense to operate such a site within Australia. It also makes it illegal for some operators to advertise their services to Aussie residents. Despite the laws, it is not illegal for an individual to access a gambling site and engage in playing or betting from home. In fact, Australian players have a great selection of sites. While none of these are based in Australia or licensed in the country, they do support Aussie players and will provide fast payouts and honest gambling. At this time, Aussie gamblers have no choice by to access off shore sites when they wish to gamble online.

The Gambling Act of 2001 may be strict, but there is talk that the laws will soon be changed. Land based gaming in Australia is allowed and with the growing industry, may residents is concerned over their ability to gamble online. There has been some significant movement in the government to loosen the IGA rules and laws in the near future. Legislators are focusing on liberalising the current regulations to allow sports betting and other online gambling activities. It is not known when the actual legal changes will take place, but it is a hopeful movement for Aussie gamblers.

For the meantime, players will have to choose one of the many off shore casinos or racebooks. At these sites, bets can be placed legally and can offer amazing odds and chances to win. The popular Australian online casinos are loaded with great bonuses for free money and are packed with awesome games, including a large selection of pokies. In regards to sportsbooks and racebooks, Aussie punters will have all the same options as others from different locations and can easily and safely enjoy betting on a variety of sports that take place all over the world.